Educate Against Islamophobia

Our Aims

Tackling Islamophobia through education

EAI aims to:

  1. educate organisations and individuals in education settings and spaces on the perils of Islamophobia
  2. provide counter-narratives to common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims in education settings and spaces
  3. eliminate discrimination against Muslims within educational institutions
  4. foster good relations between Muslims and non-Muslims within educational institutions


EAI envisages a society where:

  1. there is a major reduction in Islamophobia in all spheres of public life
  2. Individuals are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to counter Islamophobic narratives where they arise.
  3. all individuals, irrespective of protected characteristics such as religion or belief, are able to live in harmony and mutual understanding
  4. Muslims are able to enjoy an equal footing in society alongside their non-Muslim counterparts.

At EAI, we’re passionate about:

  1. Research– our work is inspired by academic research and literature as well as tried and tested strategies
  2. Effective Pedagogy– our teaching and learning materials are inspired pedagogical approaches that are backed by research and tried and tested by teachers
  3.  Authentic contexts– our teaching and learning resources provide children and young people with real-life contexts that they can apply to day-to-day situations.

We’re also passionate about transmitting the following values and competencies:

  1. Respect
  2. Empathy
  3. Equity
  4. Equality
  5. Media literacy 

By transmitting these values, we hope to:

  1. nurture our children and young people to become ethical citizens
  2. support adults to become confident and informed when addressing Islamophobia.

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